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What is Ano.js?

Ano.js is a free, open-source web animation library, where customizable, interactive web animations can be added to any website with just 2 lines of copy-paste code.

How do I use Ano.js?

Ano.js animations can be added to any website by copy-pasting two lines code! Just go to the animation you want to use, click "Use this Animation!", copy the code given, and then paste it into your HTML file!

How is Ano.js different from competitors?

Though there are other web animation libraries like Mo.js and Anime.js for web animation, you need to learn how to use those libraries. Ano.js aims to help everyone easily add a stylish web animation to their website without having to learn how to use a new library.

How can I contribute?

Become a contributor! Ano.js is an open-source project, meaning all of our code is open to see and use, protected underneath the MIT License. We need as many developers as possible to make Ano.js the best web animation library, so join us today!