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Web Animation Made Easy

Why Ano.js?

No coding!

We've specifically designed Ano.js so that you can have the web animation you want without coding a single thing! We've made a lot of animations to choose from, and made them all customizable so you can have the animation you want!

Easy to use!

Copy-paste. No coding, not 1 million steps. Just find the animation that you want, copy the code we provide you, and paste it in wherever you want in your HTML file! It's as simple as that!

Open Source!

We want everyone to be involved with Ano.js! Whether you are a contributor, on staff, or a user, we want everything we do to be open! So we've make all of our code, processes, PRs, and issues open for anyone to see!

Ano.js Examples


How to use Ano.js


Find an animation!

Look through our large library of animations and find the one you like!

Customize it!

Pick the different colors you want to be used in the animation! Remember, these colors can always be changed.

Integrate it!

Simply click the "Use this Animation!" button and copy the code given! Then paste that code wherever you want in your HTML file and you're done!